A smooth dance with a richocette hey (repost from FB)

I’m slowly migrating the dances that I wrote that really like from my FB account to here. Original Posting.

I’ve wanted to write a very smooth dance with different transitions out of swings than standard circles or chains. I’ve been working on this for a while, and came up with the B2 progression during a weekend of dancing at the Dallas contra weekend: When in Doubt, Swing. I got to call it at the open mic on Sunday, and it was well received.

What’s to Doubt?
Neighbor balance and swing, end facing across
Mad robin (Men go in and right, Women go back and Left; Men go back and Left, Women go in and Right)
Men start 1/2 hey by Left shoulder
Men 1/2 hey by left, Women ricochet back into
Partner swing
Men Allemande Left 1x while women orbit clockwise (L) 1/2
Neighbor Allemande R 1 3×4 to next Neighbor

Teaching notes:
This is not a simple dance, but (unlike some dances I’ve written) it is doable and, according to the WIDS crowd, enjoyable.

Usually, on a Mad Robin figure, the women go in the middle first and then the men (at least the ones I’ve seen lately). In this, the men are going in first. It’s still the do-si-do foot-path, but post-swing that foot path puts the men in and right first. (Men in first also flows.)

I would demo the ricochet hey, because it doesn’t seem to be a common move. It’s a full hey for the men split over the A2/B1 transition. It’s a half hey for the women, and then they come in, put both hands up palms out, and push off each other (twirling optional) to go back to the same side of the set they were on after the first half of the hey. Their partner can meld in after the ricochet for a very nice (IMHO) swing transition (which works better if the women don’t back out at a wide angle from the line of the hey).