New dance, new move(?): roll to a gypsy star

This dance is the result of late night ruminations on ways to get in to a gypsy star. I haven’t gotten to walk it with real people yet.

Broom in the Trunk
Luke Donforth
Type: Contra
Formation: Duple-Improper
Level: Int

A1 ———–
(16) Neighbor gypsy and swing
A2 ———–
(8) Men allemande Left 1-1/2
(8) scoop Ptr & Star Promenade across
B1 ———–
(2) Gents Roll Ptr to a gypsy star (gents keep L, women take R)
(6) Gypsy Star 1/2 (Women walk forward, gents walk back)
(8) Partner swing
B2 ———–
(8) Right and left through
(8) Women’s Chain across

Notes: Roll to a Gypsy Star (probably something to demo…):
The gents have left hands in the middle, and an arm around their Partner on the side of the set. They lead the women forward and turning (ccw) so that the women rotate 180 and facae their partner. The women have moved far enough forward so that they can take their partners right hand in their left; and the women reach in with their right hand to take hands with the other woman and form the gyspy star. The men then have to reverse direction (having been walking forward, they now walk backwards), but can lead that change for the women through the hand joined with Partner (and can transfer some of that forward momentum previously in the roll).

Other Notes: Written after a dance in Montpelier where Will Mentor called two different dances with Gypsy Stars (Woven Waves & Fiddler’s Dream) because there was actually room at Montpelier for the moves due to the snow keeping dancers away (and neccessistating a broom in the trunk for cleaning off the car)