A 6 balance dance, & a no balance dance (both sans circles or allemandes)

There was a cry on shared-weight for dances without circles, which also led to a call for dances without allemandes. The list responded with a plethora of good dances; but I decided to write more dances (not necessarily good ones) during a bought of insomnia.

I think one of the reasons circle 3/4 and Ladies or Gents allemande 1.5 is so ubiquitous is that it’s an easy way to swap half of the dancers; so you it transitions you from doing something on the side with neighbor to something on side with partner (or vice versa). I thought about other ways to do that (chains, give and takes, roll aways, etc), and the idea of roll-aways without the half sashays came bubbling back up. I’ve written every-phrase balance dances with Petronellas, but here’s one that just swings and rolls.

Roiling Rolls

Luke Donforth
Type: Contra
Formation: Duple-Indecent

A1 ———–
(4) Balance the ring
(12) Neighbor swing
A2 ———–
(4) Balance the Ring
(4) Gents roll Ptr Ladies to Swap (no sashay)
(4) Balance the Ring
(4) Ladies Roll Partner away with a half sashay
B1 ———–
(4) Balance the Ring
(12) Partner swing
B2 ———–
(4) Balance the Ring
(4) Ladies roll Ptr Gent to swap (no sashay)
(4) Balance the Ring
(4) Nevada Twirl with Partner to face new neighbors

Notes: This is an INDECENT dance. The twos cross over, not the ones.

The roll to swap in A2 involves the ladies trading places by left shoulder and facing being assisted by their partner. They move from Ptr gent’s left hand to right hand and face back in. The gents don’t move. As with Petronella, twirls are optional (but fun).

The roll to swap in B2 involves the gents trading places, going from their Ptr lady’s left to right hand.

The Nevada Twirl is just a California Twirl, but it’ll be gents L, Ladies R; instead of gent’s R Ladies L.


After writing a dance with 6 balances (again), I wanted to balance that out with a balance-less dance; but still not have any allemandes or circles. Stars seem a smidge of a cheat (you could view them as a linear combination of allemandes and circles), but I think it’ll be a nice flow. It’s a heavily partner-interaction dance, having two partner gypsies and no neighbor swing.

Oil on the Water
by Luke Donforth

A1 ———–
(8) Long lines, forward and back
(8) Women’s Chain across
A2 ———–
(8) Left hand Star 1x to new Neighbors
(8) Right hand Star 3/4x (gents in front of Ptr)

B1 ———–
(8) Gypsy Partner R 1x
(8) 1/2 Hey, men passing left shoulders
B2 ———–
(16) Partner gypsy and swing

I’m not convinced these are keepers. They may get repetitive; and I haven’t gotten to walk them with folks yet. I had fun writing them though, and now I’m going to sleep.