New Easy Circle Mixer, without a Circle Left & Right

I had a blast calling a wedding last week, and it reminded me of the challenge of writing accessible & fun intro dances, so I’m taking a stab at that now.

Chicken Run
Luke Donforth
Type: Circle Mixer
Level: Beginner
Starts in two circles, inside and outside, facing partner in the other circle.

A1 ———–
(4) Back up four steps
(4) Come forward 4 steps, pass ptr by right
(4) Continue forward 4 steps, turn around to face ptr
(4) Come forward 4 steps
A2 ———–
(8) Partner allemande Right 1x and a bit more
(8) Neighbor allemande Left 1x
Take hands in a long wavy circle
B1 ———–
(4) Balance the long Wavy circle forward and back
(12) Two hand turn Neighbor in left hand, they’re your new Partner
B2 ———–
(16) Promenade ccw around the circle
Turn and face partner

Cross grip (R-to-R & L-to-L) should work well for the two hand turn and transition well from the wavy balance and to the promenade.
They’ll probably have extra time in the allemandes, but it doesn’t really matter if they go extra 1/2s around, as the dance is fairly gender neutral.