New easy longways dance

I’ve been challenging myself to write simple dances that are enjoyable and danceable. I actually find it much harder than letting the complexity creep in.

This is a fairly straightforward longways dance where a couple gets to be active twice through the dance. We ran it at the August Mad Robin dance, and folks had lots of fun with it.

I’m soliciting names for it, as I’m not satisfied with the title.

Charge and Drag
by Luke Donforth

A1 ———–
(8) Long lines, forward and back
(8) Partner Do-si-do
A2 ———–
(16) Partner balance and swing (or two hand turn), end facing up the set and separate
B1 ———–
(16) Top & Bottom couple make arches
Top couple go down over left line; Bottom couple go up over right line
B2 ———–
(8) bottom & top couples charge (sashay) the middle of the set, meet in the middle
(8) couple below drag couple above to bottom of the set