Triple Minor in a T

The Greenfield Formation contest has had me thinking about odder formations, and I’m letting my mind play around with more twisted contra choreography. I’ll go back to striving to write good straightforward dances in the near future, but I’ve got a couple of odd ones I’ll share first.

(This is not a submission to the Greenfield contest, as I’ve already maxed out my allowed submissions. But I still have ideas like this in my head.)

Formation for this triple minor is the 2s and 3s below the 1s in a line of four facing down. The 1s above as a pair facing down. Symbolically:

…..1w 1m
2m 2w 3m 3w
To get there:
Form longways proper contra sets.
Take hands 6 from the top
1s & 2s cross over
2s & 3s quarter turn to the right (à la reverse Becket)
All swing partner. 1s end facing down, 2s and 3s end facing up in a line of 4

The first figure in this dance gives the 1s some chance for silliness (much like a round-two, cut through figure). There are several places in this dance that are deliberately gender/role ambiguous. Dance with whoever comes at you, and sort out any confusion during the partner swing.

Even Outcasts Have Homes
by Luke Donforth

A1 ———–
(8) 2s& 3s facing up make arches, come up the hall with 1s ducking under.
Pass 3. 1s can duck through any arches they choose
(2) All Turn signal (or Ca twirl Ptr)
(6) 2s & 3s make arches for 1s to duck through on way back. Pass 2
A2 ———–
1s back with original neighbors but below
(8) 1s each grab a couple to make two circles of 3 and Circle Left
(8) 1s each pick a Neighbor to swing from their circle. Outcasts swing in the middle
1s and their neighbor end the swing facing in, with the 1s role being dominate (Lady 1 on R, even if she swung a lady). Outcasts end swing closer to home side
B1 ———–
(8) 1s & their Neighbor go in to the middle like long lines. 1s pick up outcast neighbor (partner of the one they swung) at top of pair, and fall back as a line of three
(8) WHILE 1s Do-si-do 1.5x; 2s and 3s promenade across (1s on their left), and then loop left (3s are now 2s below same 1s, 2s are now 3s below new 1s)
B2 ———–
(16) Partner balance and swing.
1s end facing down, 2s and 3s end facing up in a line of four


This should have the standard triplet stuff. Wait out at the top until you have a complete set. Ghost at the bottom. Haven’t gotten to test it yet. May never happen, but I hope to.