Lozenge Circulate

I think Adina Gordon (through no fault of her own) got me thinking about what a box circulate would look like in lines of 4 facing 4. The idea of a lozenge circulate came out of that, after sifting through crossing star circulates (which looks cool on paper, but didn’t dance well).

This one has more of a difference for the two trail buddy couples than is usual for a four face four. It reminds me a bit of The Devil’s Backbone by William Watson, a dance I really like.

Haven’t gotten to run this one with real people yet, just the imaginary dancers in my head during my insomnia.

Bifurcation Breakdown
Luke Donforth
Type: Contra
Formation: Four Facing Four
Level: Int-Adv

A1 ———–
(8) Lines of four, forward and back
(4) R with person straight across, balance
(4) box the gnat, and take hands in long wavy lines perp to 4f4 set (facing cw)
A2 ———–
(4) Balance the long Wavy line forward and back
(4) Lozenge circulate
(4) Balance the long Wavy line forward and back
(4) Lozenge circulate
B1 ———–
(8) Right hand Star with trail buddy couple
(8) on Left diagonal (folks facing in) 1/2 Hey, women passing LEFT shoulders
Meanwhile, non-haying couple: Partner Do-si-do
B2 ———–
(16) HAYING Partners gypsy R and swing
DSDing Partners balance and swing
ALL: end facing line of direction

Notes: lozenge circulate: if there’s someone in front of you walk forward one place (you’ll pass one person in the other line). If there’s no one in front of you, loop around into other line

In B1, it’s not all of a half hey. Women shouldn’t pass partner their final time, but it’ll run into the gypsy right either way.