Whipped Butter

I was trying to come up with accessible dances without circles or long lines (which are great, appropriate moves, but I like to set myself challenges). I’m not sure this counts as accessible, but it’s what churned up.

Whipped Butter
by Luke Donforth

A1 ———–
(8) Men allemande Left 1-1/2
(8) Neighbor allemande Right 1-1/2
A2 ———–
(8) Women allemande Left 1-1/2
(2) Women scoop partner
(6) Gents immediately hook right elbow with new gent, promenade 1/4 and butterfly whirl (on home side)
B1 ———–
(16) Hey, women passing left shoulders
B2 ———–
(16) Partner balance and swing

The name is meant to pay homage to Gene Hubert’s dance “Butter”, which is a fabulous dance with the same second half.

The scoop-hook-whirl process all happens very quickly. The dancers don’t go as far as they think they should.

When you’re out, you wait out with the lady on the gent’s left, on the side you got popped out on, and get brought back in to your new home side.