Non-Beginner Circle Mixer

Often circle mixers are seen as beginner friendly, or useful for one-off dances like weddings. But I think there’s loads of fun things you can do with the circle mixer format.

Also, I couldn’t sleep, so I wrote a dance…

Appliance Anniversary
by Luke Donforth
Circle Mixer/Improper/Easy-Int

A1 ———–
Start in a big wavy circle, ladies facing out.
(8) Balance and slide to the right (as in Rory O’More)
Without letting go of left hands
(8) Balance and slide to the left (as in Rory O’More)
Catch right, and both turn to face clockwise in skater-hold promenade
A2 ———–
(8) Promenade clockwise, gents roll lady away with a half sashay, both turn to face ccw
(8) Promenade counter clockwise
Gents turn back
B1 ———–
(16) New Neighbor balance and swing, now your partner. End facing in
B2 ———–
(8) Gents go forward and back
(8) Ladies go forward, turn and come back facing out. Take right hand with one you swung

The roll-away bit in A2 is just a way of doing a courtesy turn from skater hold; which came from thinking about transitions into and out of Rory O’More. Haven’t gotten to field test this one yet.