Gyre and a swing cast

The Shared-Weight listserv has been buzzing lately, discussing the term gypsy. A caller wrote in asking for advice after being approached at the end of a dance and told that the term gypsy was offensive to the Romani people. In the back and forth, Linda Leslie suggested the alternative term gyre; which brought so many lovely and fun images to mind a dance percolated up.

This is an untested dance, but I wanted to put it out there in support of the new term.

A Gyre for Linda
by Luke Donforth

A1 ———–
(4) Pass through to an ocean wave (ladies hook left, catch right with partner)
(4) Balance the short Wavy line
(2) Walk forward
(3) Shadow gyre right 1/2
(3) Gents gyre left 1/2 in the middle
A2 ———–
(16) Neighbor gyre right and swing
B1 ———–
(8) Men allemande Left 1-1/2 WHILE women cast clockwise around whole set one woman’s place
(8) 1/2 Hey, passing partner by right shoulder
B2 ———–
(16) Partner gyre right and swing at home

The action for the women in B1 is similar to what the men do in “Scoot” by Tom Hinds.