Record Attendance in 2017!

Feb 2017

There’s just nothing like a full dance hall.  It’s always fun to dance when there’s good music, but when the hall is pleasantly packed the energy just lifts you up!  We’ve been enjoying record attendance lately: 120 people at both our January and February dances.  We’re delighted to see so many new faces, and also to notice that some of those new faces are becoming regular attendees.  And we’re very grateful for all the students at area schools who keep coming back and bringing their friends!

It’s a joy to see our community grow and change, and wonderful to know that so many folks think getting together to enjoy good music and each other’s company is the right thing to do on a Friday night.

And speaking of great music, we were blown away by the tunes and energy that Red Dog Riley shared with us in January, and that Maivish brought to our stage in February! Many thanks to all the bands, callers and dancers that make this wonderful thing possible!feb 2017 b

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