About Us

Luke Donforth calling at our very first dance in 2010

In 2009 a small group of callers, just getting started, formed the Mad Robin Callers Collective in Burlington, Vermont.  The goal was to provide one another with helpful feedback and improve our calling.  Over time occasional livingroom dance parties gave way to regular meetings and a monthly dance series started in January, 2010.  The goals remain the same, however.  Each caller is striving to improve their craft, spend time on more dance stages, and remain connected with the fabulously supportive dance community we have.

We continue to meet regularly, practice calling, and critique one another in our practice parties.  We occasionally offer workshops with established callers,  and our monthly dance series serves as another venue for callers to steadily improve, with feedback and encouragement from local dancers.

We are always looking to grow our flock!  If you would like to try calling or attend our dance or practice parties please e-mail us for more information: