Luke Donforth

Luke Donforth is a Head shot of Luke Donforthcontra caller, choreographer, and dancer. As a caller, he brings a warm and inviting playfulness to the stage. He is based in Burlington, VT; but is willing to travel to share the joy of dancing (he’s hit over a third of the US and a fifth of Canadian provinces). He’s proud to be a founding member of the Mad Robin Callers Collective, and helps run this organization to train new callers.

Luke calls new and traditional contras at weekly dances, festivals, barn dances, weddings, and parties. If you need it, he can help find a band for your event as well.

Some of Luke’s Dances are available here. He’s happy to share his dances, and you can e-mail him with comments, questions, or suggestions about them.

If you want to hear and see him at work, here’s a video of Luke working with the Free Raisins at the Catapult Showcase, and another one of him working with Uncle Farmer. He can also call using gender-free language, such as this event for LCFDPhotos from past gigs sometimes make their way to social media platforms; as do some tags on upcoming gigs.

If you’ve booked Luke to come and call for you and want a publicity photo, they’re available here. Photos courtesy of (and Copyright by) Ed Kingscote of

He also maintains a database where callers can “hang their shingle” and advertise where they are and what they call. It’s a shareable document in Google Sheets.
Submit yourself as a caller here as another way for organizers to find you.
Look at the caller database here if you want to hire a caller in your area.

Luke can be reached at