Leave ’em Hanging

Leave them Hanging
by Luke Donforth
Improper, single progression

Neighbor gypsy and swing
Men allemande Left 1.5
Pass Partner by R for 1/2 hey
Partner Gypsy and swing
Circle Left 3/4 (at this point, everyone is back where they started)
active gent break the ring and inside out circle 3/4* to progressed position

*: everyone continues to hold hands except the active gent {left} and the inactive lady {right}; the active gent swoops out and turns over his left shoulder to and starts to circle counter clockwise {same direction as a circle right} facing out of the ring. The active lady, inactive gent, and inactive lady follow, going from a circle left into an inside out counter clockwise circle {still moving to their left}. The active gent has 3/4 of an inside out circle, the inactive lady barely has any circle, mostly moving forward. This is the progression, so the active lady and the inactive gent drop hands when they’ve reached progressed position, facing new couples and ready to neighbor gypsy. I usually demo the inverted circle.

This dance is a great place to toss in a courteous dancing tip: Thumbs should not used in circles. There’s no reason to press your thumb into the back of someone’s hand while dancing, it doesn’t help connection, and it can lead to twisting people’s wrists.

I think it wants smooth jig like La Maison de Glace