The Mad Robin Caller Collective depends on a lot of people donating their time, energy, knowledge and good will.  If you have some to share, please let us know.

Come lend a helping hand!

At our monthly dances we need volunteers to:

  • set up the hall (move tables and chairs, put up signs)
  • monitor the snacks table (refill water pitchers, sweep after the break)
  • clean up the hall after the dance (sweep, replace furniture)

At each monthly dance we’ll let a few volunteers in free as an appreciation of their work.  Please contact us early!

For our practice parties we need:

  • dancers willing to be guinea pigs to test out new choreography
  • dancers willing to offer constructive feedback to callers who are trying to improve

Please contact Sophia if you are interested in helping us out: volunteers@madrobincallers.org